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Precision Calibration | West Valley City, UT

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Guage 11

Precision Calibration invites you to enroll in our radiation safety training course. Our course meets the requirements of the NRC and Agreement States for the use of portable nuclear gauges used in construction. Our course goes over NUREG 1556 Vol. 1, CFR parts 19 & 20, and DOT Hazmat 49 CFR part 172.

  • Principles of radiation safety and health physics

  • Regulatory radiation limits

  • Biological effects of radiation

  • Accident and incident procedures

A certificate of completion is given to each participant who successfully completes the class.

  • Inventory and leak testing

  • Gauge storage, transportation and shipping requirements

  • Basic gauge theory and operation procedures

Refresh your knowledge regarding the shipping and transportation of radioactive materials with Precision Calibration. A refresher course is required every 3 years.

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